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Explore Top 10 best discount brokers in India and achieve excellence in trading

Here, we would like to draw your attention to the top 10 discount stock brokers in India. The discount broking notion has been materialized now. It has illuminated and refreshed the traders with the new outlook of trading. Yes the traders were introduced with flat fee rates of brokerage in 2010. That brought a wave of new era trading.  The adroitness of the same is discussed later in this post. The brokers offering discounted commissions for initiating your trade are discount online brokers. They present you the advantage of free demat and trading account. Yes, many discounted brokers in India offer free trading account. The demat maintenance charges are also reasonable with the online discount broker. Only 30% of the top discount brokers collect fee for opening the account. In addition to this, the budget brokers provide the technically upgraded trading platforms that bring hassle free trading experience. Their services are faster than the traditional brokers.

A note on leading discount brokers in India

The poised existence of the discount brokers even in crisis has made them 60 times better than the full service brokers. We have assessed the long queue of brokers in order to cater the best online trading service to the traders/investors. From them we brought in to front the updated list of top 10 discount brokers in India. The provision is featured with pro trading tendency. We have left behind the old myths to diversify the trading among all the curious investors. So as per our thesis, one can opt discount brokers without giving a second thought. Their fabulous assistance to the clients and equally quick query resolving has inspired many traders. The stated fact is mentioned by finding respective reviews on 10 leading discount share brokers.


Rising scope of trading with top discount brokers

You can get limitless chances of trading with best penny stock discount broker. When the market tunes up, the degree of performance eventuated by top discount broker in India can be easily seen. One can also consider the NSE’s figures for active traders that cover the major part of share market. India’s stock broking industry was doing fine during the equity bull phase in 2003 through 2007 until the global financial crisis knocked. That also downsized the selloffs. Soon, in 2010, traders got an attractive chance to trade with discount brokers at lesser or even negligible brokerage. That was the beginning phase of discount brokers in India. Later the facilities of free trading platform accompanied by the features like robust data feeds, nice filtering and research tools, better charting, real time market quotes etc. The online trading reached more than a million customers nowadays. That well represents the scope of discount broking in India, leaving behind the limitations of trading.


Top 10 discount brokers in India

The top discount brokers in India have grown around 90% from FY 2014-15. They have occupied the decent range over NSE’s total number of clients in a matter of few years only. Earlier SEBI was concerned to limit trading in derivatives by varying the contract size. That was to prevent the big losses that might occur to the traders who couldn’t afford that. Still, with the emergence of online discount stock brokers, trading in F&O is not that tough. One can save a lot on brokerage expenses by picking up the right discount broker from the list of high priority discount brokers in India. 5 out of 10 best discount brokers in India are

  1. Wisdom Capital,
  2. RKSV,
  3. Trade Smart Online,
  4. Zerodha,
  5. SAMCO.

All the top 10 discount brokers are given in the table discussed below.

Compare the top 10 discount brokerage firms prevalent in India

Check the chart given below where you can find the perfect discount broker that will fulfill all your trading demands. The main motive to display this is to make traders aware of the top layer of online discount brokers active in the Indian share market. It may also pacify the need of right discount broker. Numerous brokers available in the market have baffled the investors. They some time randomly choose the broker to trade without contemplating the important factors. In order to pacify such things, the essential things to consider are discussed briefly here:

best discount broker in india

Top 10 Best discount brokers in India for the year 2019

S.No.Leading discount brokers in IndiaCommission charged/Brokerage Account Opening chargesDemat Account Maintenance ChargesOnline Trading PlatformTrust Rating
1.Wisdom Capital0.00% in all segmentsNILRs 999 +GST(1 time only)NSE NOW, NEST, Fox Trader4.5/5
2.UpstoxRs 20 /tradeRs.150Rs.150 per yearUpstox Pro3.9/5
3.Trade Smart OnlineRs 15 /tradeRs.200Rs.300(2nd year onwards)NEST3.8/5
4.ZerodhaRs 20 /tradeRs.300Rs.300 per yearZerodha PI4.5/5
5.SAMCORs 20 /tradeNILNILSAMCO Web Express3.2/5
6.SAS OnlineRs 9 /tradeRs.200Rs.200 per yearNEST, Alpha Trader3/5
7.5 PaisaRs 10 / tradeRs.650Rs.400 per year5 Paisa Trade Station2.8/5
8.Trade jini Rs.20 / tradeRs 300Rs 300NEST Trader2.8/5
9.ProstocksRs 15 / tradeZeroRs 1000Prostocks Desktop2.7/5
10.RK Global Rs 9 / tradeRs 50Rs 250Diet by ODIN2.2/5


Conclusion: Final Take on Best Discount Broker in India

Top 10 discount stock brokers discussed here are chosen on the basis of examining their detailed review. Other factors mentioned to make comparison are taken into account as per today’s most searched parameters by the traders across the country. The discount brokers in India are in great demand nowadays leaving behind the era of full time brokers. The discounted brokerage and the captivating plans have grabbed the focus of traders more on discount broking. The budget broker that topped the category also provides unlimited trading absolutely free in one of its offering. It really suits novice investors in the market. By implementing such plan, they can trade freely without losing brokerage money due to lack of experience in trading. One can also conduct in-depth analyses of the top 10 online discount brokers to propagate in the right direction.


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